Personal data protection

For many years, we have been advising clients on key data protection projects. The experience we share with clients includes the preparation of companies to implement legal requirements for the protection of personal data, support for compliance with legal requirements in the use of new technologies, and representation of clients in proceedings before the supervisory authority.

We help clients at all stages of collecting and using personal data not only for strictly business but also for employment purposes. We have extensive experience in the implementation of EU General Data Protection Regulation in various sectors.

We are regularly invited to lecture and conduct training in the field of personal data protection by renowned universities and selected business conference organizers as well as leading training companies.

For many years, we have been members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, a global organization of lawyers specializing in the protection of personal data. Marcin Lewoszewski was the first Pole to be appointed chair of IAPP Knowledge NET in Poland, in charge of personal data protection education and building a community of professionals dealing with this subject.

Selected individual experience of the partners

participation in data mapping of data used by controllers

gap analysis for compliance of data processing with GDPR requirements

preparation of the personal data processing activities register

drafting clauses of consent for processing of personal data under the GDPR

development of GDPR information clauses

analysis of legal aspects of data deletion, data portability and ascertaining GDPR data breach

drafting contractual clauses for contracts authorizing the processing of personal data under Article 28 of GDPR

conducting Privacy Impact Assessment analyzes

participation in comprehensive GDPR implementation projects

participation in drafting data processing best practices codes

legal survey of the status of personal data protection in companies

legal advice on ensuring legal basis for the transfer of personal data to third countries, including preparation using standard contractual clauses, binding corporate rules and consent of the supervisory authority

representation of entrepreneurs in proceedings before the supervisory authority in the area of ​​personal data protection issues, including inspection proceedings

analysis of the potential use of personal data for e-marketing purposes, including behavioral targeting

participation in projects aimed at providing legal basis for the processing of personal data for marketing activities using beacon technology

drafting authorization and instruction documents for personal data processing

conducting training in the field of data protection regulations

IP protection

We have extensive experience in legal advice regarding the protection of copyright, databases, trademarks and know-how.

We help clients protect their rights, both at the stage of creation of intellectual property (including the employer-employee and contracting party-contractor relationship), as well as during corporate transformations and changes (for example, when selling an enterprise, in whole or in part).

We provide support in the process of determining the owners of and transferring the IP rights and in proceedings relating to infringement protection.

Selected individual experience of the partners

advising on the possibility of using a work to create a feature film in the light of changes in copyright expiry regulations over the years

conducting arbitration and court proceedings to recover Internet domains

drafting contracts for transfer of copyright or license agreements for the use of architectural works and technical designs

negotiating contracts for transfer of copyright to works created by scriptwriters and interior designers

legal advice on the rights of ghost-writers in relation to their claims to biographical books

drafting and negotiating contracts for transfer of rights to works created by advertising agencies (movies, advertisements)

legal support in IT systems implementation projects (including SaaS, PaaS)

legal analyses to determine the beneficiaries of a computer program

legal support regarding the use of celebrities’ avatars in computer games

legal analysis of the status of intellectual property rights generated in initial stages of a startup operation (right to inventions, industrial designs, know-how, copyright)

legal advice on counterfeit goods and look-alike products, including securing evidence and litigation

support for business transformation (merger, spin-off) to ensure the possibility of continued use of intellectual property

drafting license agreements or contracts for transfer of rights to databases


We help clients carry out their online business and business based on new technologies. We have gained experience working for global brands, but also for Polish startups, which soon became market leaders.

Our advice covers regulatory aspects of providing online services, including drafting service regulations, as well as the aspects of managing intangible assets used to provide such services: we draft and review contracts with content providers. We represent clients in the negotiation of contracts related to the creation and functioning of online businesses.

We have extensive regulatory e-commerce experience, including the protection of personal data and compliance with consumer law. We advise on regulatory issues in the field of telecommunication law.

Selected individual experience of the partners

preparation and negotiation of contracts for transfer of rights to website content

advice on the possibility of online use of photos provided by online photo libraries

preparation of companies for the sale (transfer) of a web service

preparation of regulations for the provision of services by electronic means

preparation of privacy policies, including cookie policies

legal support in providing legal basis for using cookie information for the purpose of behavioral advertising

legal advice on the use of data from publicly available registers, including the National Court Register and the Central Records and Information on Business Activity

advising on SIM card registration obligations under the Anti-Terrorism Act

VoIP (Voice-over-IP) consultancy in the context of telecommunication law

advising on the regulatory aspects of creating a data center in Poland

advising on the use of IT tools to secure company information resources, including potential violations of employee privacy

advice on offering services based on cloud computing

advice on law enforcement requests to provide IP addresses received by web services

Domain name protection

We help clients protect their rights in connection with the use of their trademarks or domain names by cybersquatters, typosquatters, or cyberwildcatters. We conduct arbitration proceedings specializing in the protection of Internet domains, including at international courts. We draft contracts for transfer of “rights” to domain names or granting a license to use them.

We also help customers protect their intellectual property in meta tags, web pages, links and keywords in connection with website positioning.

Selected individual experience of the partners

conducting arbitration and court proceedings to obtain the right to use cybersquatted domain names, including .PL and .EU domains recovery

conducting negotiations to retain the right to use Internet domain names in the case of similar company names

preparation of agreements transferring rights related to the use of domain names, hosting services and site administration authorization

legal analyses to identify infringements of intellectual property rights in domain names, meta tags, “invisible” keywords

legal analyses to determine the possibility of registering certain domain names without infringing third-party rights

We enjoy video games and skilful electronic competition, and we want to see them thrive. That is why we created LegalPlay, a brand dedicated to helping video game developers, publishers and esports professionals with expert legal advice and business support regarding their activities in Poland.

Our goal is to bring effective and secure legal solutions to gaming businesses, addressing or eliminating risks, resolving disputes, optimising operations and letting them concentrate on developing their products and services.

We work with heavyweight, international businesses and local indie game studios, wherever there is an exciting project and passion to make something great.

We speak the language of our clients and understand their goals, concerns and expectations. Our ambition is to be a trusted partner and advisor, present at all times when needed, for mutual benefit. We learn from our clients, and they profit off our experience and expertise. We know that good co-op makes a good game, and we are here to deliver.

Our background in intellectual property, new technologies, privacy and contract law comes in handy. We can help you with your:

commercial contracts, including development, distribution, sponsorship, barter, licence (including EULA), marketing/advertising agreements

compliance issues, including gambling laws, privacy and personal data protection (GDPR), consumer rights regulations, unfair competition rules

intellectual property matters, including copyright, trademark, know-how protection

dispute resolution, including mediating and carrying out negotiations

esports-specific tasks, including team-player or team-coach contracts, sponsoring/advertising contracts, issues regarding organising/participating in tournaments, TV/online broadcasting of matches, etc.

You can rely on our dedicated team of qualified lawyers with:

drafting contracts, including consumer template form agreements, terms of service, internal and external by-laws and policies (including privacy policies);

negotiating agreements or disputable claims

representing you before courts and public authorities (including the Polish Data Protection Authority)

advising you on any IP, personal data protection, new technologies law, compliance or business issues regarding your operations in Poland

New technologies

We help our customers determine their right to use new technologies, obtain the rights to their undisturbed use, and ensure protection against possible claims arising from the use of new technologies.

We draft contracts for the acquisition of industrial property rights or the transfer of know-how from the developer to a company developing new technologies.

We support clients in obtaining legal basis for new forms of processing personal data, such as biometric data, using new technologies.

Selected individual experience of the partners

legal support in evaluating the commercialization potential of new technologies (assessment of transfer potential and correct acquisition of rights to use new technologies)

legal analysis of the patentees’ patent rights for technologies produced in consortia financed by public money, including EU funding

legal examination of the type of intellectual property rights arising in relation to the new technologies created

drafting contracts to ensure the right to use the know-how necessary for the commercial use of new technologies

analyses of the possible use of personal data for behavioral targeting

participation in projects aimed at providing legal basis for the processing of personal data using beacon technology

Our goal.

A specialized law firm, which aims to provide support to our customers in protecting their intangible assets and developing a business based on new technologies and data.

Our mission.

Providing full, specialized support on key customer issues – we are constantly close to them, providing the most accurate, clear, and targeted business legal advice.

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